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“The Chief Apostle & Presiding Bishop is the supreme under-shepherd of the United Churches of God in Christ, Inc. (UCOGIC) in its theology, administration and all operations of The Church, including Civil and Ecclesiastical functions. The Presiding Bishop is elected and/or ratified every four years by a majority vote of the General Assembly. The Presiding Bishop is empowered to license and ordain:  Ministers, Elders, Evangelists and Pastors and to appoint and consecrate Bishops to assist in administering the functions of UCOGIC.”




Chief Apostle & Presiding Bishop

4th in Succession

Bishop Aaron B. Lackey, Sr. is the youngest child of the late Deacon James E. Lackey, Sr. and Mother Nornell H. Lackey. God has blessed the Bishop to receive his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies, a Master of Arts degree in Biblical Counseling, a Doctorate of Theology plus several Honorary Doctorates.

On March 2, 1985, he married his high school sweetheart, Lakita Y. Caldwell. God has blessed them with two beautiful and very talented children, Aaronlyn L. Wright (Leon, Jr.) and Aaron B. Lackey, Jr. (Angel). They have also been blessed with two grandchildren, Xavier L. Wright and Aalivia D. Wright.

On February 14, 1988, Bishop Lackey became the Organizing Pastor of Temple of Prayer Family Worship Cathedral UCOGIC. In September, 2003, he became the 1st Elected Bishop in UCOGIC and assumed the reigns of the Georgia Northeast Jurisdiction after the passing of the late Presiding Bishop Marshall Carter. Since January 10, 2009, he has served as the Chief Apostle & Presiding Bishop of the United Churches of God in Christ, Inc. (UCOGIC), an international ministry with churches throughout the Continental United States, Hawaii, the Caribbean and many nations throughout the continent of Africa.

Although God has allowed our apostle to receive numerous awards, honors and proclamations, Bishop Lackey’s greatest honor is to serve and empower “The Least, The Lost, The Less & The Left Out”. His philosophy of, “Servant-Leadership,” is evidenced through his community service and activism. He organized and served as President of the South Fulton Chapter of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference for 4 years, he served as the Co-coordinator of the Faith-Based Initiative of the Atlanta Community Impact Program (a partnership with the Atlanta Police Department) for 4 years and was a member of the South Fulton Kiwanis Club for many years. He currently serves as the Faith-Based representative of the Aerotropolis Atlanta Alliance, he’s a member of the Chaplaincy for the Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, he serves as the Chancellor of the United Theological Institute & School and he’s the CEO of Aaron B. Lackey Ministries, Inc., a 501©3 charitable organization that coordinates most of the Bishop’s foreign and domestic outreach efforts.

This powerful man of vision, has allowed God to birth within him, a message designed to, “Save, Heal, Equip, and to Evangelize,” a lost and dying world. At every venue, Chief Apostle Aaron B. Lackey uses his God-given charisma to, “Reach the Lost & Teach the Found!”

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Bishop Aaron B. Lackey has been anointed and chosen by God to preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Bishop Lackey is the Organizing Pastor of Temple of Prayer Family Worship Center (Fairburn, GA). He also serves as the Chief Apostle & Presiding Bishop of the United Churches of God in Christ, Inc.

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