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We are the International Youth Department
of the United Churches of God in Christ

The IYD Team is your team. When your mission is to maintain the interest and train our young people to assume the future responsibility of the Church. You need people who can create focused strategies that align with these specific goals of the church. We believe our team can infuse their creativity into groundbreaking campaigns, analyze data and technology to optimize every tactic in reaching youth, while staying connected to the leading of the spirit God. Get to know your IYD team below.


Bishop Dorell McCroery, Sr.

International Youth Department President

Evangelist Pruitt.jpg

Evangelist Angela E. Pruitt

International Youth Department Chairlady


Elder Richard Murray

Director of Youth Division


Supt. Michael McCants

Director of College and Young Adults Division


Supervisor Calandria McCroery

Assistant Chairlady


District Missionary Hope McCants

International Youth Choir Coordinator

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